Marcelle Mallet was born on March 26, Côte des Neiges, Montreal, P.Q., Canada. Her childhood was highlighted with bereavements, frequent moves, scattered family members and poverty. Following her first Holy communion, Marcelle rejoins her only brother, Narcisse, in Lachine, with Mr. and Mrs. Parent, her foster parents who gave her love, comfort and a choice environment. At this time, her brother claims that a brilliant future is available to Marcelle. Her whole personality is embued with gentleness. She is filled with the spirit of dedication. in May 1824, she decides to enter the Congregation of Grey Nuns, the spiritual daughters of Mother d'Youville where a compassionate and active spirituality is found. Twenty-five years later, the Church of Quebec, the Capital City, decides to establish a Congregation of Grey Nuns, today known as Sisters of Charity, for the care of the orphans, the poor, the sick. Mother Mallet volunteers spontaneously without any reservation. She arrives in Quebec, August 22, 1849. At this time an epidemic ravages the city. With her companions, she immediately begins her work of charity: care of the sick at home, visit to the poor, care of the orphans, support to seminarians, a dispensary to provide for the poor. Finally, Mother Mallet accepts to open five boarding schools beyond the city limits. First in Cacouna, 1857, Levis, 1858, Deschambault, 1861, Plessisville, 1861 and La Pocatiere, 1862. This list of schools started by the foundress certainly can provoke great astonishment. Who was Mother Mallet ?

A Good Woman

Here is how Sister Saint Alphonse speaks of the goodness of Mother Mallet whom she had as Mistress of novices: "Let us imagine a heart where nature has always accepted what is good, sensible, gentle, benevolent, loving and suppose that all the tender affections of this heart are transformed by charity ! This is the heart of Mother Mallet ! The treasure of goodness she harbored with her was reflected in her personality, in the persons under her supervision and her friends. She was a true Mother at heart, in her word and her vision. " This goodness, highly exalted by her contemporaries, was never superficial, because here we are face to face with a "STABLE WOMAN".

A Stable Woman

Everyone who came in contact with Mother Mallet recognized in her a stable personality. When Monseigneur Elzear Alexandre Tachereau celebrated her funeral, he spoke very highly of "The Good Mother ". He claimed : "Her gentleness conditiond her firmness, her strength of character; and her firmness maintained her goodness and leniency with fair limits ".

A Woman Centered of the Heart of Jesus

Mother Mallet's devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus truly expresses who she was and she propagated this devotion to the best of her ability. After her death, they found a few scraps of paper on which she had written: "In our sorrows, let us go the Heart of Jesus, fountain of all virtues. If I love the Heart of Jesus, nothing will be difficult. I beg Him to embrace my heart with His love and to give me gentleness, patience, humility and resignation ". Her daughters inherited this devotion and attempt to communicate it to the congregation's Associates, Friends of Mother Mallet and to everyone who collaborates with them. They also received her charism for charity and this is translated in the care of the needy in Quebec, in the United Stated, in Japan, in Paraguay and in Argentina. The cause of this holy woman has been introduced in Rome with the hope to realize, some day, her canonization. Through her intercession, many claim to have obtained favors of a material nature. A greater number testify they have experienced a deep transformation within their innerselves. As this woman writes: "My live has become very peaceful since I pray to Mother Mallet ."

Directress of Mother Mallet Centre
Viola Greene, s.c.q.

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