My daughter really obtained a good job.Thanks to you, Mother Mallet. Mrs P. G., Havre-St-Pierre

I succeeded my University exams. I owe this success to you, good Mother Mallet. Thank you. Mrs. L. B., Beauce

Since I began praying to Good Mother Mallet, my life is so much happier.

A few months ago I wrote asking to pray for my husband, he is improving each day. We pray together every day. Thank you for what you are accomplishing in our lives, Good Mother Mallet.Madame S. B., L'Assomption

We had to repair the wharf at my cottage. I prayed to Mother Mallet, everything went very well, no accident, I was so worried. Mrs. C. J., St Raymond

I pray to Mother Mallet every day, she really hears my prayers. Thank you Mother Mallet for all the spiritual and temporal favors you bestow on us. Mrs. T. C., Levis